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Leslie has completed both the Basic Referee Course and also the Full Referee Course which has helped him gained the understanding of the following:

After attending the Basic course Leslie had to referee Grade 5, Grade 6 and 7 competitions locally, such as Mini Tennis and Matchplays at a local Place to Play or local Open tournaments.

You will also be able to assist a referee as a court supervisor at higher Grade competitions. Officials that do not become Licensed will be able to organise and referee Grade 6 and Grade 7 competitions.

Next Steps

For Leslie to go onto the next stage and attend the Full Referee course he needed to:

Full Referee course

In order to referee at higher graded competitions, Leslie attended and passed a Full Referee course. The course builds on the information learned at the Basic Referee course, covers various competition scenarios and also includes a test and exam element.

To book Leslie for you Tournament, Ratings/Matchplay event

please contact him through the contact page.